Peggy Britt has been passionate about music for her entire life. It seems that since her early years in North Carolina where she was born up until now music has been inextricably tied to her purpose and destiny.

After having moved to Portsmouth, VA in early childhood, her mother recognized her gift of music and honored Peggy’s request to take piano lessons. Her music teacher, Miss Antoinette Watkins, also discerned Peggy’s gift as one that was above average and put her on the fast track. Her success in school was also emerging as she was the only 6 year-old in her 3rd grade class. She did not have to be coerced or bribed into practicing -- she loved it! Her stage career began in a 6th grade play in which she was the star. Miss Watkins entered Peggy into contests and competitions for which she won awards and received scholarship money.

After being an honor graduate at I. C. Norcom High School, she entered Norfolk State University as biology major, hoping one day to become a pediatrician. However, fooling around on the piano one day and being heard by the right ears garnered her a full scholarship in music. Finally her passion won out. Now she was in an atmosphere that would develop and nurture that passion. Now she was preparing to help children in a different way, in a way that allowed them to express themselves and appreciate the world around them. She graduated from NSU with a degree in Music Education.

Employment came immediately due to a Cooperating Teacher who was really impressed with Peggy’s ability. She began teaching music at 3 elementary schools in Chesapeake, VA. Somewhere within the first two years of college, Peggy had a life-changing experience that altered her forever. Through the providence of God, she ended up at a revival service in Norfolk and the Lord saved her! Although she had attended church as a child and played the piano for church as a teen she never knew Jesus as Savior until that fateful Friday night. This changed everything!! Goals, dreams, friends, focus, etc. Not all at once, but slowly, little by little there was a change, the beginning of a lifetime of transformation.

With refocused passion and goals, there had to be an avenue of expression. After having sung in a community choir for a short while it seemed the right time to form a community choir of her own. It was at this time that the Philharmonic Gospel Singers was organized and began what would become a 20-year plus legacy of standard-setting gospel music for Hampton Roads and beyond. With what came to be the perfect mix of the spiritual and musical elements, this choir went up and down the eastern seaboard and the Midwest spreading the gospel of Jesus Christ and winning souls for Him to all who would hear. They served to open gospel concerts that came to the area for artists such as the Winans, Yolanda Adams, you name them. For a short while the late Isaac Douglas was their mentor. They even appeared on the Bobby Jones Gospel Show. In this choir, God had gathered some of the best singers to ever grace a microphone.

However, again via the providence of God, the season for the “Phillies”, as they were affectionately called, came to an end as God was directing Peggy’s life. Without a doubt it was painful to let go of something she loved so dearly, but after understanding that God asked Abraham for the same thing, it seemed a little easier. Then came a new depth of teaching, preaching, planting and anointing that led to higher call to ministry and 2 nationally distributed projects, “Strength to Win” and “Silhouette”. Pastor Joe Flores’ belief in what God was doing in Peggy’s life and his untiring efforts to support every gift inside her with his time and resources are yet unparalleled.

Peggy is just as comfortable in Denbigh as she is in Denmark, in Ivor or Italy, makes no difference. Wherever she has the opportunity to spread the truth of the gospel in word of song is where she wants to be. Having received her Master’s degree in Music Theory and Composition is not the end for her. It’s only a catalyst, a catapult into the next level of what God has for her to do.
  • Born in Robersonville (Gold Point) , NC .Educated in and honor graduate of Portsmouth Public Schools
  • Received Bachelor of Science in Music Education at Norfolk State University
  • Received training in Musicology at Catholic University of America in Washington, DC
  • Received Master of Music w/concentration in Theory and Composition at Norfolk State University
  • Taught music and mathematics in Chesapeake and Norfolk public schools
  • Received Christ in early adulthood
  • Formed Philharmonic Gospel Singers (WOW!! What a choir!!)
  • Assumed minister of music position at several area churches
  • Released 2 nationally recognized CD projects in 2001 and 2003 respectively on NABI/Tyscot label, Pastor Joe Flores (Exec. Prod.)
  • TV appearances on Bobby Jones Gospel (BET) with Philharmonics and as a solo artist, and on the Word Network
  • Performances with many major gospel artists as well as serving as opener for major concerts
  • Praise and worship leader for national conferences including Hampton..s Ministers.. Conference
  • Seminar and workshop facilitator
Names of Projects released:
Music mission/mandate: To use the glorious vehicle of music in excellence to bring maximum glory to God by edifying, encouraging, and evangelizing all who have an ear to hear.

Music school mission/mandate: To use the disciplined study of fine arts to develop the God-given gifts and talents that help students reach professional and personal goals.